TIRAD Solutions

At TIRAD we are here to provide the best service you might get, these are aligned to deliver the highest possible accuracy and quality. Our services are the solution for your applications that require demanding precision in plate machining.

High Precision Machining

You can find a complete portfolio of processes that are needed  to achieve the results our customers require.

  • High-precision CNC machining of plates, frames and components
  • Base, insulation, clamping, ejection, sealing and guide plates; hot-channel plates, hot channels; distribution blocks with cavity recesses — all in high quality and matching the drawing documentation.
  • All machining is achieved on CNC machines.
  • Assembly of plates based on mould assembly drawings, with the option to obtain standard or other small parts.
  • Heat treatment of plates (hardening, annealing, nitridization) + other modifications, such as anodizing and coordinate grinding.
  • A complete manufacturing of plates and frames
  • We have 2 or more machines for each manufacturing process, therefore reducing the risk of any production errors and increasing your lead-time.


Mould Pre-Assembly

TIRAD is also able to pre-assemble selected components into a plate we have machined for you. Please ask us to specify which components can be pre-assembled by us.