TIRAD top quality CNC fleet and equipment

TIRAD knows that the path to an outstanding product leads through modern technology and superb training of employee teams. For this reason, we constantly improve our machine, measuring and other technology.

We use machinery and machining equipment from renowned manufacturers only who are regarded for high reliability and precision of their products.


We are happy to give you an additional information on request. If you need to check our CNC machining in a specific area of a mould plate feel free to contact us. We are happy to answer any question you might have before you submit your machining project. We have 2 or more machines for each manufacturing process, therefore reducing the risk of any production errors and increasing your lead-time.


Constant Production Monitoring

To deliver the best possible quality we use a modern approach to the monitoring of production and workflow. We have implemented a self-developed system with limited capabilities in 2005. For more accurate monitoring, in 2019, we implemented an Industry 4.0 system for monitoring the status of the whole machine fleet. We are able to log all the necessary information and workflow events and based on gathered data. We are able to continuously improve the load of each machine & follow-up issues when single production steps require different machines. Since utilizing multiple machines, when one project is common, it allows us to find possible weakspots and further improve the overall production efficiency .