For more than 20 years, the TIRAD brand has been your guarantee of high precision in plates, frames and other parts for plastic injection. We offer the following services:

  • Complete manufacturing of plates and frames
  • High-precision CNC machining of plates, frames and components
  • Base, insulation, clamping, ejection, sealing and guide plates; hot-channel plates, hot channels; distribution blocks with cavity recesses — all in high quality and matching the drawing documentation.
  • All machines used for machining are CNC.
  • Assembly of plates based on mould assembly drawings, with the option to obtain standardized and other small parts.
  • Heat treatment of plates (hardening, annealing, nitridization) + other modifications, such as anodizing and coordinate grinding.



  • Quality and high precision!
  • Easy communication in English, German, French and Spanish
  • Short delivery times (we hold to 6 to 7 weeks long-term)
  • Quick reaction to design changes requested by the customer (in the order and production process)
  • Offer within 2 business days
  • Regular customer service
  • Regular visits to the customer and to TIRAD, including company presentation, production tours, and possible customer audits
  • An individual approach to each customer (meeting the diverse needs of every customer, special requests for production, design, and more)
  • Assembling and offering standards for moulds
  • A wide range of material qualities per customer request: 1.2085; 1.2312; 1.1730; AlMg4,5Mn; Roy Alloy, 1.2343,
  • We also offer special operations, such as plate hardening and annealing to remove internal stress.
  • We can work straight from 3D models (without 2D drawings) with a colour table of required tolerances.
  • For monitoring programmed NC code, we use the VERICUT system to prevent possible contradictions during programming
  • We offer a capacity reservation system for customers.
  • TIRAD is certified under EN ISO 9001:2009/9001:2008.
  • All our machined panels are measured on our CMM Wenzel machines, and logs can be provided on paper or in electronic form as PDFs.
  • Each machine operation is backed up to at least three machining tools, so we can deliver and meet customer requirements even if there is a sudden failure.
  • Location: Excellent access in Central Europe!


  • CAD – modification and preparation for CAM
  • CAM – program creation
  • Verification/inspection of toolpaths per NC codes
  • Deep drilling
  • Milling – roughing
  • Surface grinding
  • Milling – finishing
  • Manual inspection, cleaning of workpieces
  • 3D measurement
  • Frame assembly, at customer request
  • Shipping


We can machine up to 300 multiple plates for injection moulds per month (depending on difficulty of machining). We work for our customers 120,000 machine hours per year.

We specialize in manufacturing high-quality individual plates for frames and injection moulds.

100% of production is exported.